“Gentle woman, quiet light,

morning star, so strong and bright,

gentle Mother, peaceful dove,

teach us wisdom; teach us love.”

Working towards that, but failing, learning, and trying again.  Trying to become that “gentle mother” through lots of laughter, tears, smiles, silliness, and prayer. And lots of coffee. So much coffee.

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  1. Have you heard the version of this song by Brianna Parish? It is breathtakingly beautiful!! Sometime in the last year, I found myself trying to sing this song from memory – I would wake up from sleeping with the tune in my head! When we sang it in church, I realized I needed to find it to play at home – stumbled on Brianna Parish that way.

    And, I am also working on the “gentle Mother, peaceful dove.” With enough creamer for my coffee, that’s a start! ?

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