seven quick takes.

Dropping in for some super quick shares and updates before the weekend crazies hit!

  1. Homeschooling has been going great. Actually  better than I was even expecting.  But seeing as it’s only kindergarten for Joe, we’re keeping it SUPER light, and expectations pretty low, and it’s made for a pretty nice, chill start to a year. Like, guys, there has been only one crying jag since we started. About school, that is. I call that a success. See? Low expectations. Although I do think I need to find a more structured math program, because what we’ve been doing is fiiiiine, but not great. Suggestions? I’m all ears.
  2. I recently discovered this app/program thingy (Technology is the new math, guys. It’s hard.) called Honey. Saves so much money! I was skeptical, but it seriously works. One of my favorite parts is that a sidebar pops up when you’re shopping (like on Amazon) and shows you how much it costs other places, or tells you that you’re getting the best price. And when you go to check out after any online shopping, it automatically tries to apply any coupons that might apply.  It. Is. Awesome. Total no-brainer.
  3. Speaking of Amazon, have you heard of these dresses that look like miniBoden but are way cheaper?  I haven’t even ordered them yet, but I’m kind of excited to get a couple for the girls for the winter.                                            
  4. I’ve been on a streak of reading some great books lately.  Ordinary Grace was one of the better works of fiction I’ve read this year. I loved how it was sort of a mystery, but so well-written and poignant. I’d highly recommend it.  I’ve also been reading Life of the Beloved, which was just wonderful, Life is So Good, which I thought was really uplifting, and I’m finally reading the Anne of Green Gables series and wondering where it’s been all my life.  It’s been a great book month for me.  Don’t you love it when that happens?!
  5. I’ve been loving working on bread-baking so much lately, but am finding that it’s hard to practice and get any better only making a loaf or two a day. And even then, we can’t keep up with eating all that bread, despite our most valiant efforts. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a little micro-bakery and taking subscriptions, but can’t commit to it.  I love the idea, but am totally overwhelmed by the idea of starting a business, however small.  Anyone with tips will be paid in hugs and loaves.
  6. It’s the first day of fall and is 90 degrees and humid as all get out.  I am displeased. So I’m hiding in the air conditioning and drinking tea and pretending that the air is nippy out there… while it’s decidedly NOT. How am I supposed to get my apple-picking game on when I can’t even take out the trash without breaking into a steady, dripping sweat?
  7. I think I need to gear up for another Buy Nothing month. Last year I did it in November and it was perfect, but October might be good, too.  Last year I miss out on Black Friday deals for Christmas, which was hard. But in hindsight, I can see that it was probably a good thing. Who’s joining me this year? You know you want to!

That’s all she wrote, folks.  Have a great weekend!

*Joining up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum because she rocks and it’s been a while! Head over and see what everyone else is up to.*

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  1. Did you make the bread in the picture???

    I’d totally do another buy nothing month with you! But, I like finishing Christmas shopping early so November isn’t great for me…

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