seven quick takes

Hey all.  I have about 10 minutes, because every one of my children is sleeping and we ALL know that ain’t gonna last for long. Here we go:


  1. Holy FALL, y’all.  The temps have been plummeting and I’m busting out all the cold weather gear.  Jackets, boots, etc. We haven’t been apple picking yet, which is crazy seeing as it’s my favorite fall activity, but it’ll be happening soon.img_4652
  2. Our sweet little Miriam is 7 weeks old now, and just as delightful as ever.  I’m soaking up every hot little minute of her babyhood, because it’s oh-so-good and oh-so-brief.  As witnessed by the fact that I glanced over at my 2-year-old baby during nap time the other day and in that fleeting moment, I thought, “Wait, who is that girl with long legs in Grace’s bed?” Where are my toddler’s chunky little thighs?! Wahhhhh. Emotions, guys.  So. Many. Emotions.
  3. With the weather getting cooler, I’m getting excited about cooking again.  I love me some soups, stews, cassoulets, etc. As witnessed by the fact that I just filled up my Subscribe and Save on Amazon with all the Bob’s Red Mill black beans, chickpeas, and lentils. Nobody gets quite as excited as me about a huge box of legumes arriving at my front door.  Split pea soup for dayyyzzz. Also: If you didn’t know you can buy food items like this in bulk on Amazon, you are missing out!  It’s the bomb! I stock up once or twice a year and then have a completely stocked pantry for the whole winter.  You’ll never catch me without a fine selection of beans and legumes.  Never. dsc_0250dsc_0258
  4. My kiddos have been super into art projects lately, which you know is NOT my forte. But they’ve been enjoying themselves and I’m trying to let go and avoid being bothered by the huge messes.  I’m getting better.  It helps when you lose complete control over the mess situation in your house anyways.dsc_0188
  5. Joey and Grace are also in the midst of a very LOVE-HATE period in their relationship right now.  For two very intense kids, this makes life really interesting.  They’re either the apples of each others’ eyes or they are actually trying to scratch each others’ eyes out.  There is no middle ground.  Unless they’re sleeping.img_4570
  6. Speaking of sleeping… We moved Grace into her new “big girl room” this past weekend. I was feeling a bit guilty because we literally just grabbed odds and ends from the rest of the house to make it work, and didn’t go out of our way to get anything new or special for it.  But hey, newsflash to me: Kids don’t care about furniture from Pottery Barn.  They could care less how many cute lamps from HomeGoods are in their room.  So long as you act like it’s a super exciting thing to be in a new room, they will be excited.  File it under: Things I wish I would have known when I was spending hours crafting a homemade bird and twig crib mobile for my first born.  Ah well.  Anyway, she loves her new room, but still sucks at sleeping all night and also sucks at sleeping past 6 am.  Go figure.
  7. I finally got around to buying some new tshirts, since my old ones were looking a bit grubby (Ok, a lot grubby. Holes everywhere, guys.) I ordered them from Everlane and I’m really impressed with the quality and love that their ethically manufactured.  I’d definitely order from them again.

So that’s it for this weeks, folks.  I’m linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum today, so head over there and check out what everyone else is up to.  Oh, and if you LOVE link-ups, check out one post back– I’m doing a Library Haul Linkup on Tuesdays, where we can all share our great library finds each week.  We’d love to have you join in!

9 thoughts on “seven quick takes

  1. Lol I’ve pretty much convinced myself that we would be good friends if we ever met. (I mean that in the least creepy way possible 😉 ) I loooove all the fall soups too.

    1. That’s not creepy, I totally agree! (Unless we’re BOTH creepers… but that would just make us even better friends, yeah?) 😉

  2. I’ve wondered about Everlane! God to hear good things cuz I’lls be needin another winter sweater soon…

    1. I think you’d be happy with their stuff! I’ll definitely order more from them as the need arises!

  3. Point 2: that baby is adorable. You make cute kids.
    Point 6: did I subconsciously know this as both my boys have only one painted wall in their respective rooms and mismatched bedding? I thought I was just lazy mom and marked it up as bohemian.
    Point 7: tell me more about Everlane. I’m one of those people that have a phobia of online ordering. I don’t know if it’s because I will end up with an addiction or not, but I want to know it’s worth my time I guess. Looks like Banana Republic grade. Yes? More deets? Or future post? I’m interested
    Xo, k

    1. Lol, maybe my whole parenting style is “Bohemian”! It all makes sense now…

      And I totally hear you about not being crazy about ordering online. I try to mostly order from places that offer free returns, because otherwise I wind up wasting money keeping stuff that I’m not crazy about because I don’t want to be out return shipping. That said, I love my t-shirts I got from them, so I’d say they’re a safe bet for high-quality basics. Yes, probably similar in quality to Banana Republic, maybe a little nicer. And ethically produced, so that’s a major bonus!

    1. Aw thank you! We still need to hook up one of these days! Hope you guys enjoyed your dinner- I think I’m making beef stew for tonight!

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