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Hi all!  Last week’s library haul post was so much fun to put together that I decided to make it a weekly thing for a while.  Hope you enjoyed heading over to the other linked posts and checking out what they’re reading as well… I know I did.  Ok, one to what we grabbed at the library this week.dsc_0193

  1. How to Celebrate Everything -I followed Jenny’s blog, Dinner: A Love Story, when I was food blogging regularly, and I just loved it.  Her recipes were great, she had a lovely writing style, and really great photography.  Her first cookbook was more of the same.  So when I saw that she had a new cookbook out, I was tempted to snatch it up on Amazon.  But I exercised restraint and was handsomely rewarded by finding this gem at the library this past week.  Did you know libraries have cookbooks?  Mine has a TON.  And really great ones, at that.  Basically anything you could want. A few years ago, it honestly hadn’t occurred to me to get cookbooks from the library.  But now I get them all the time!  Anyway, this cookbook is great and I’ve already earmarked a bunch of stuff to try once I start getting my act together and cooking again in earnest.dsc_0194
  2. Over The Hills And Far Away– So this is basically just a collection of nursery rhymes, nothing too mind-blowing there, but the cool part about this book is the artwork.  Each page is illustrated by a different (fabulous) artist, which really make the rhymes come alive.  My kids ate it up. Go figure.dsc_0196
  3. Safe in a Storm– So obviously Grace picked this one out because there were ducks on the cover.  She was only slightly dismayed that the entire book wasn’t about ducks, because it actually wound up being a sweet book about how grown-ups keep their families safe during bad weather.  This might be a good one for kids who have any anxiety about storms and such.  dsc_0198
  4. Clara– So I think I overshot my age group on this one.  This is a sweet (true-ish) story about a Rhinoceros that travels around Europe in the 18th century with its owner.  It was a nice story and I like picture books about true events, but my kids got a little bored reading it and the end is… well, sad.  4 year olds don’t like bummers, man.  But if your kids are older, I thought it was a nice book and worth a check-out.img_4281
  5. On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace– So, if you follow me in Instragram (you should; I LOVE Insta!), you already know… this book made me cry in the library.  I had planned on buying this one, but in trying to be good, I checked the library first.  They didn’t have it yet, since it’s a new title, so I requested they buy it to add to their collection. That way, I was the first to get a chance to check it out before it’s entered into circulation. (Did you know you could do this, guys? Ask them to buy a book if they don’t have it?  You can, and you should! Your tax dollars hard at work, folks!) So anyway, I picked this baby up from the circulation desk, and headed over to the children’s section so the kids could play and look at books.  I found a comfy spot to nurse the baby and started reading the introduction.  Cue the water works.  This book is so good, guys.  So good that I think I’ll be buying my own copy anyway.  I love Hallie’s writing and her honesty about facing and naming our fear and working through them.  I finished this book feeling so uplifted and hopeful.  I would recommend it to anyone!

    So tell me, what did you pick up at your local library this week?  Tell me in the comments, or better yet, write a whole blog post about it and link up below.

    *Another note: I’ve linked each booked through Amazon Associates, but the whole point is that these are LIBRARY finds, so head to your library and find them there!*

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  1. Is it cheating that one of our favorite books this week was one of your favorites last week?!?! What can I say, you’ve got good taste. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!

    1. No, not cheating! That’s the whole idea- sharing all our good finds so the rest of us can check them out! 😉

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