we’re all alive (and 7 other things)

Well, I’ve kept all the children alive for another full week.  Yay for me! Here are 7 other notable things going on lately:

  1. Joey and I started back up with our reading lessons.  We took a break after we reached a point at the beginning of the summer where Joe was saying it was too hard and he was NOT wanting to do it anymore.  So we’re slowing down, doing only a half lesson a day, and it seems to be going much better again and he’s excited about reading again.  I was worried he would completely forget everything we’d done up to this point, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  We’re doing some review, yes, but I’m pretty surprised at how much he’s picking right back up.  So I’m happy about that!
  2. One thing I’m not happy about: everyone touching me all the time.  There are people who love to be touched and hugged and snuggled and those that aren’t super into it.  I’m staunchly in the latter category.  Sure, I love a good snuggle from one of my kids, but I need my alone time, too.  Like, more often than not. The problem?  Turns out that when you have more than two kids (more than one kid? any kids at all?), someone is literally touching you 100% of your waking hours!  Just kidding… 100% of ALL your hours, because if you think you get to sleep alone, you’re mistaken. ALL KIDS TOUCHING, ALL THE TIME.  And all of a sudden, both of my big kids want my attention 24/7, too.  While they’re touching me.  Over and over, all day, my brain keeps replaying this:  tumblr_mw6nk6svnb1t0j0mdo1_500
  3. Am I the last person on earth to read Room on the Broom?  A friend of my mom’s came over the other day and brought my kids all kinds of sweet books that my kids are loving, but I’m really enjoying reading this cute little book over and over.  It’s got all the makings of a favorite here- kind, inclusive storyline, melodic rhyming, and fun illustrations.  We’re digging it and my kids are really loving Halloween stuff right now. She also brought them a new Little Blue Truck (a Halloween, lift-the-flap version- Grace is PLEASED).
  4. Speaking of books, after a great library haul yesterday, I’m thinking it would be kind of fun to do a series of posts about great library finds, for kids or otherwise.  Maybe even a linkup? What say you, internet?
  5. I just discovered Dwell + Slumber via Instagram and I’m wondering where these dresses have been all my life.  Think stretchy, comfy flowy dresses that are designed to be worn to sleep AND during the day.  LIKE OUT IN PUBLIC.  I finally found my perfect wardrobe.  Like, they look even comfier than yoga pants, guys.  And the prints are adorable.  I’m only mad because I didn’t discover these while I was pregnant.  I think I would have bought one in every color.  I’m waiting for a restock to order one, so I’ll report back.  But I expect to be in love.
  6. I read this article this morning, and then proceeded to be inspired to give away/throw away/otherwise purge so many of my kids toys and my own clutter.  Now, I think the article miiiiight over-promise a little bit when it comes to the effect of de-cluttering, but I do totally agree that a cleared space makes me feel more sane, and thus (probably) a better mom. I think it’s worth a read, if only to motivate you to clean out the junk drawer.
  7. Miriam continues to slay at being an adorable, chill baby.  She’s pretty much just soaking it all in, trying not to look too horrified at her lot in life.  We’re a motley crew, but we love her a whole lot, so I hope she realizes it’s not all bad.img_3661

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9 thoughts on “we’re all alive (and 7 other things)

  1. YES please do a library book post or linkup! We’re always hunting for more good finds. Congratulations on everyone making it through another week! They say we’ll miss all the touching one day… But I’m not so sure 😉

    1. There are SO many things I know I will miss. But I just don’t think the touching will be one of them. Ha! Ok, maybe I’ll pull together a little library finds link-up in the next few weeks. I would personally love to see what treasures people find at their local libraries each week!

  2. I’m pregnant with my third child, but will have almost a 10 year gap between no.2 and 3. So…I’ve been in the ‘ little kids touching me all the time’ zone, and I’ve been out of it, and now I’m voluntarily going back into it! I was reminded of that stage of life just recently because my nine year old and I have both had a nasty bug for the past week and she’s been wanting to be in my bed with me everyday. She’d be leaning on my six months pregnant body for quite a proportion of the day- sniffing, slightly clammy and miserable. I’d lay there thinking “Oh, I’d forgotten about all the touching that goes on with babies and tiny people” To be honest, I’ve always struggled to give myself grace about it-I’ve felt guilty about wanting personal space. I’ve known mentally that it’s just a part of my introvert personality but still felt guilty. This time around I’m hoping to just accept that it’s something I struggle with and try and be gentle in setting boundaries when I’m truly going bonkers.

  3. I love the library haul link-up idea! We LOVE the library! And I totally feel you about kids touching you all the time. Physical touch is one of my love languages and I still think my kids touch me WAY too much. Snuggles I like, but why do you have to put your little hand up my leg when I’m washing the dishes? !

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