hello from baby land.

Oh, hiiiiii.  Remember me? I used to hang around here a lot and write really interesting/insightful/hilarious blog posts. (Ha! Just testing to see if you really remember me.) I’m pretty sure last time you heard from me, it wasn’t such an interesting blog post, maybe just me whining about being super pregnant? Yeah?  Remember me now?

Well, folks, my blog posts might not actually be more interesting/insightful/hilarious now, but they will definitely be more adorable, because…

We have a baby!  IMG_2288

Miriam Jane was born two weeks ago (almost a whole week early!), and we couldn’t be happier or possibly love her any more.  I know the thing to do for bloggers is to post their baby’s birth story, but I’ll save that for another time, or maybe never, because I’m distracted and forgetful.  But I assure you it was equal parts lovely, kind of funny, and kind of not-funny.  I’ll tell you about it later.

For now, I’ll just say that we’re adjusting to being a family of five, taking it easy, and getting to know each other. Miriam (or M.J. as her dad wants to call her… What do we think about that? Yay? Nay? I’m not sold.) is a super chill baby, which I was definitely due for, as my older two are basically crazy changeling banshees strong personalities. She sleeps pretty much 23 hours a day, nurses well, but is never, like, bothered to cry about being hungry, and puts up with her brother and sister aggressively loving on her all the time.  She’s the type of baby that I kind of suspected might not actually exist (despite things I heard from friends and acquaintances about these magical unicorn babies) before I gave birth to one.  So that’s pretty sweet.IMG_2475

My big kids have been loving having a baby sister, and are totally crazy about her. We’ve had some issues with Grace being dethroned as “The Youngest and Therefore Queen of Everything Under The Sun”, but nothing too unexpected.  Except for nighttime.  Is sleep regression in 2 year olds a thing?  Well, I’m here to tell you it is and it sucks. It’s good to know that my girls are already working together as team, though, even if it is to conspire against me sleeping in anything more restorative than 45 minute chunks in the glider.  But honestly?  I think sleep deprivation just makes me funnier!

I just realized, typing that out, that maybe it only makes me think I’m funnier.  See, that makes more sense.

IMG_2821As for Joe, he is basically the best big brother ever.  I didn’t worry much about him in all this, mostly because he’s an old hat at the “new baby sister” thing now.  He’s so great with Grace that I knew he’d be great with our newest addition.  All I can say is that apart from actually having this new little soul in our family, watching Joe be such a great big brother to his two sisters has been one of the best parts of all this.  He just adores his Miriam and is so attentive and sweet with her.  Enough to melt a mama’s heart.IMG_2626

I’m doing really well, thanks for asking!  I’m tired, yeah, but I’m recovering really quickly and easily and am feeling incredibly blessed.  Postpartum is such a crazy mix of so many emotions and feelings and thoughts, and everything is so close to the surface, you know?  One moment I’m crying because I’m so acutely aware of how quickly this sweet baby will grow up and the next I’m crying because I’m so grateful for my friends who have been calling and texting and bringing meals and the next I’m crying again because I can’t find my car keys that I JUST SET DOWN.  There’s a lot of crying. But in a good way?  Everything feel so… intense.  Hormones, man.  They’re a kick.  One of my friends wrote me a note the other day and at the end she described the first weeks with a new baby as “such a beautiful, emotional, crazy, lovely, awful time”.  She nailed it, right?!IMG_2580

So anyway, I’m just checking in to say hello, and we’re still alive, and dump a whole bunch of cute photos on you.  And now I’ll retreat back into baby land for a few more days or weeks, or who knows.  Because if there is any time not to be a blogging overachiever, it’s when you have a newborn to snuggle with, am I right?

5 thoughts on “hello from baby land.

  1. When my second was born, Noah was two (or turned two just two days after she was born). He had a major sleep regression, like wouldn’t go to sleep until like 2 in the morning every night for months. What finally helped was me putting him to sleep instead of Daddy, which had been the previous routine up until the new baby came. I’ll be praying for you! It’s rough and I thought I was about to go crazy…but then I survived. lol

    1. “I thought I was about to go crazy… but then I survived.” Isn’t THAT the story of motherhood right there?! Lol!

  2. Congratulations! Miriam and the kids look lovely. I’ll leave you with the best blessing for new-again moms, “May you be blessed with good sleep and cheesy casseroles.”

  3. Oh oh oh, what sweet photos! Our third baby is coming sometime in the next four weeks and this post just amped up my excitement levels even more!

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