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I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant and I’m tired and can’t string enough coherent thoughts together to write a full on blog post, so here are some completely random things.  Don’t you love random things?! I sure do.

Random thing #1: My kids have discovered Charlotte’s Web (the movie version) and they love it, so I went to find a copy of the book so I could read it aloud to them, and found that the hardcover version is only $5.16 right now!  That’s a steal!  I try to buy the hardcover versions of classics like this, because I know they’ll get lots of love over the years.  When they’re on sale for even cheaper than the paperback version?  SCORE!61+3z1o4oUL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_

Random thing #2: Have you ever heard of prodromal labor?  I hadn’t.  But now that I’ve experienced it and googled it a lot, I’ll give you the rundown: It basically feels like you’re going into labor and getting contractions, but the fun part is that you’re NOT!  Psych!  No baby, just contractions that wake you up in the middle of the night!  And maybe, if you’re lucky, your labor will be quicker when it finally happens, but you know, MAYBE NOT!  SO fun, right?  Riiiiight.  So much sarcasm. So over being pregnant.Orangatan-Pregnancy-Meme-Humor

(photo cred: Motherhumor.com)

Random thing #3: For a long time, I’ve really wanted to get my kids involved in some kind of community service, but struggled to find a way to include them in the opportunities that are available in our community.  They are too young to bring to most homeless shelters (per their rules) and they don’t hit the lower age limit for places like Feed My Starving Children yet. But today I found out that our local women’s shelter accepts meal donations- as in, you make a meal for the residents and bring it over on the night you sign up for.  I love this!  I can get my kids involved in making a meal for the shelter residents, we can take the extra time that’s necessary for them to be of help, they can come with to drop it off, and it still benefits people who need the help.  I didn’t even know that was a thing, but I think once we get back on our feet after this baby, I’m going to sign up.  What a great way to get your little ones involved in helping others, yeah?

Random thing #4: I’m intrigued by this Osmo Genius Kit.  It looks really cool and like something that might be really helpful for when we start working on some “math” skills type of stuff with Joey this coming year.  Anyone tried it?  I’d love some input if you’ve tried it or something like it! I’m thinking ahead to Christmas. I know, I astound myself.  Marvel at my forward-thinking and organization!


Random thing #5: I finally bit the bullet and threw away my non-stick skillets that were like, crazy chippy and flaky and cancer-causing to the max.  I’ve been mostly using my cast iron skillet anyway, but it was still really hard for me to throw them away because they were expensive.  Even though I really know that even in good condition, that nonstick stuff isn’t great for us.  I have issues.  But I did it.  But I took a picture of them before I threw them away… because… I have issues.FullSizeRender

Random thing #6: I’m at the stage in pregnancy where so very few of my clothes fit that I wind up wearing the same 2 dresses over and over and over (because at the moment, pants, even maternity pants=the devil). So obviously, I’m not doing much clothes shopping at the moment, but I saw these tees from Ekubo Ministries, I had to knab a few.  So cute, and for a great cause!  They’re running a summer sale at the moment, so if you head over to their instragram, you can get a code for 25% off. I can’t wait to wear my tees once I can fit in them again!

Random thing #7: This open letter to Mindy Kaling from my girl Shannon had me cracking up SO hard. If you need some feel good chuckles, give it a gander.

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7 thoughts on “random things

  1. Gah, I remember those (not so recent) 3rd trimester days of not being able to write a coherent blog post. Just wait, you’ll have the baby and suddenly have a million post ideas but won’t be able to sit down and type them because of said baby. Just a heads up 😉

    1. You totally saw into the future! LOL! So many ideas, although I’m still not sure how coherent any blog posts will be in the near future, now because I’m just plain exhausted!

  2. Shannon’s letter to Mindy Kaling is great! 🙂

    I remember telling myself toward the end of pregnancy that somehow the increasing aches and pains geared me up for the big deal of labor. Hang in there! 🙂

  3. almost there! I totally know how you feel. I’m just a few weeks behind you with our fifth, and I’m already feeling pretty done. That’s neat about the women’s shelter meals. I’ll have to look into that.

  4. It is sheer honor to make a very pregnant lady laugh. 😉

    Also, I love the idea of cooking of a women’s shelter! We have a shelter right in our own neighborhood and this school year I’m really wanting to see if I can meet some of their needs in any way.

    Can’t wait to see babe!

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