seven quick takes: good stuff this week


  1. The Library Thing App! As someone who has so many books that I often forget which ones I actually own, I’m kind of in love with the idea.  It’s super easy to scan in all your books, and you’ll never be stuck in a bookstore or library wondering, “Wait… do I already have this?”
  2. I’ve talked before about how much my kids love their Magnatiles, and I was shocked that these existed and I didn’t know about them. I love finding ideas for Christmas gifts in July! If there’s anything my kids will love more than Magnatiles, it’ll be trucks made out of Magnatiles.
  3. I’m still reading Kristin Lavransdatter.  Still.  I am really loving it, but I keep getting distracted.  For example, I got my advanced copy of Who Does He Say You Are?: Women Transformed by Christ in the Gospelsand when I started perusing it, I got sucked in and of course read the whole thing in a couple of days because it’s SO good.  Colleen Mitchell is so warm and funny and thought-provoking and has some wonderful stories to tell.  Likewise, I did the exact same thing with the copy of Everyday Grace: The Messy Sacrament of Parenting that I got at the Finding your Fiat conference last month. So… yeah, I’m still reading Kristin, but I’m focused now and I’m sure I’ll be done before this baby comes.81L73O6nxNL
  4. Speaking of which, holy contractions, Batman!  This baby is definitely a mover and a shaker and I’m under strict midwife instructions to take it easy, at least until I’m officially at 37 weeks and can deliver at my birth center, just to be safe and ensure that this nugget doesn’t try to make an early appearance.  I SERIOUSLY doubt that an arrival before 40 weeks is going to happen, but my children DO like to be unpredictable, so you never know.  As long as I make it to next Monday and 37 weeks, I’ll be a happy camper.  Please remind me of this when I’m 42 weeks pregnant and want to die.  Thanks.
  5. I’m running out of my mascara this week, so I’m re-ordering it.  You guys.  This mascara.  I have used so, so, SO many different kinds in search of the perfect mascara- one that’s not full of harmful chemicals that make my eyelashes thin and fall out, that goes on smooth without clumping, that doesn’t wind up giving me raccoon eyes halfway through the day because it melts off.  Last year, I had pretty much given up on such a mascara existing.  Then I got a sample of this Jane Iredale Mascara along with this primer and was immediately hooked.  It’s a bit pricey (but not too bad as far as makeup goes), but it lasts FOREVER. Like, I’ve been using it for at least six months, almost every day, and I’m just running out. They’re not paying me to say this or anything, I’m just a girl who understands the quest for the perfect mascara.  It also makes me super happy that most of Jane Iredale‘s products fare really well on the EWG’s SkinDeep Database. Which, if you’ve never checked out, is an amazing resource!
  6. I nest really weirdly, it turns out, so instead of doing things like pulling out bins of baby clothes, preparing a nursery, or making healthy freezer meals, I’m cleaning out my closet, stocking up on mascara, and filling my freezer with random things like naan and sourdough and ice cream.  Anywho, I found some sweet stuff in my closet and made the slightly hormone-fueled decision that ALL THE SMALL CLOTHES MUST GO, so I set up a fun auction-style sale over on Instagram. Come and buy all my clothes and shoes and benefit from my strange nesting tendencies. It ends at 11 am CST today, though, so hustle! 😉

  7. I know basically half the internet has already read this, but I really loved this piece on “Scruffy Hospitality” I read last week. Because, you know, you can call me Scruff McGruff when it comes to pulling it together to entertain friends. If anyone actually remembers Scruff McGruff, you get the prize and all the internet gold stars.

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4 thoughts on “seven quick takes: good stuff this week

    1. It’s the bomb- my mascara hunting days are over! Hope you like it as much as I do!

  1. I’m going to try the Library Thing App. I like to shop for homeschool stuff at used bookstores years in advance and I can’t keep track of what I have.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking of using it for, too! It’ll keep me from doubling up on books or passing on something I think I might have, but later realize I don’t. #bookhoarderproblems

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