Maple and Olive Oil Granola

DSC_0204Breakfast was never big deal in my family growing up.  We ate a nice dinner together every night, lovingly prepared by my mom, who’s a great cook. But breakfast was always kind of a toss-up. My dad was always gone to work before we got up for breakfast, my mom doesn’t like breakfast food, so she’d pretty much just eat leftovers or something (same as I do now), and unless we were in the mood to beg my mom to make us chocolate chip pancakes (which she would sometimes, being the supermom she was), we’d just eat something quickly before rushing out the door to school.

DSC_0183Our breakfasts take on a similar theme around here these days, although we are rarely in a rush and I can sometimes sit with the kids and we can eat breakfasts together.  I always put some music on, open up all the blinds to let the morning sun shine on us, and try cut up some fruit for us all to share on top of whatever we’re all eating.  As I may have mentioned before, my kids basically eat anything and everything, so coming up with things to feed them isn’t hard… but it’s good to have a few standbys.  Both of my kids love yogurt, and since I’m a total mean mom, I only buy the plain, unflavored whole-milk variety (cheaper! healthier!).  But I let them stir in a spoonful of jam, which they think is like the best thing ever, and then we top it with some of this amazing granola. (I call it “yogurt sprinkles”. Further proof that my kids are going to need therapy later in life.)  I used to buy granola from Costco in bulk because we ate so much of it, and I actually think it was pretty good.  But then I tried this granola and I’ll Never. Go. Back.  It’s just the right combination of chewy and crispy and crunchy. Sweet, but not saccharine, with a sprinkle of salt to balance it out.  I love the combination of oats and nuts and seeds as the recipe’s written, but I’ve made it with lots of variations and loved them all in their own way.  I gave a small batch to my mom (yep, the one who doesn’t like breakfast food) and she texted me a couple of hours later saying, “What’s in this granola?!  I can’t stop eating it!!!” She probably used more exclamation points, because she’s kind of like that, but you get the gist. So she made herself a batch, and my dad, who loves granola, but also has strong opinions about things such as this, loved it, too.

DSC_0185Bottom line: This is really good granola.  Better than anything you can buy in a store, but also better than any other homemade granola I’ve ever made (and I’ve made a lot). It’s great on yogurt or fruit, but just as tasty in a bowl full of milk, or scarfed down by the handful.  It’s worth sitting down to breakfast for.DSC_0193


9 thoughts on “Maple and Olive Oil Granola

    1. I haven’t personally, but I bet it would work well, as long as you don’t use too much, because it might get soggy. It might need just a few more minutes in the oven if you use honey. Let me know how it is if you try it!

      1. I make a very similar granola, and only use honey – no sugar or syrup. It becomes lovely and crunchy once it has cooled.

  1. This looks so yummy! My five year old loves granola, but she’s never been enthusiastic about anything I make from scratch. Maybe this one will be a winner!

    1. Well, I can’t promise that she’ll love it, because KIDS, but we all love it here. And if she doesn’t love it, then VOILA! More for you! 😉 Let me know how it goes over!

  2. Oh it’s been ages since I’ve made granola… I can’t keep it in the pantry long enough when I make it because we all eat it so quickly! And so I just stop making it and just buy stuff every once in a while because it tastes grosser so nobody eats it and it lasts longer… This is faulty logic, I know. Also I totally do the cheap plain yogurt with a spoonful of jam. Hello, homemade jam, it’s like magic!

    1. Haha! I like your style- I do that with crackers, I totally buy the healthy(ish) ones that my kids don’t love so they won’t gobble them up. Maybe we should start a mean moms club and do some kind of fundraiser for our kids’ future therapy fund?

    1. Yes, m’aam! It’s seriously the best! We go through batches so quickly… it’s addictive!

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