life this week.

If I had to pick a theme for this week, it would be “Life! Slow down!”

We’ve been busy little bees this week, in the best possible ways, hanging with the best of friends, learning cool stuff at forest preserve classes, welcoming grandma and grandpa home, dancing our little hearts out at ballet, and checking on baby at my 22 week midwife appointment. Here’s the breakdown:

Have I mentioned that I really, really love having one of my besties living close by again?  Yeah?  Well, I’m still excited and it’s not wearing off.  And it makes it all the better that our kiddos are already loving on each other. Which basically means that my kids are all up in her poor baby’s face, kissing her and hugging her and generally terrifying her. But I think that she’s getting used to it, which is making my heart sing. Can’t you see in her eyes that she likes it?IMG_25171

Our forest preserve has some pretty awesome education classes for young kids, and we take full advantage.  This week we did a class about camouflage and one about the different seasons on the farm.  Joey screamed out every answer while simultaneously raising his hand, sucked up to the teacher in the way he does, and was generally the best mixture of delightful and incorrigible.  Grace put crayons in her mouth, cried about literally everything she could manage to find to cry about, but also manage to find the camouflaged spider that the big kids couldn’t find.  So, I’m feeling good about spending our tax dollars funding the forest preserve system these days, we’re totally getting our money’s worth. I highly recommend checking out what educational programs your forest preserve or parks system offers-there might be a whole lot of stuff you don’t even know about.

My parents got home from their trip last week, which means we’re not getting up early to go let the ducks out anymore, which the kids are actually kind of sad about (hint: I’m not), but it also means that we get them home again with us!  Yay!  And yay for the one or two mornings a week that they spend with the kiddos so I can run errands and clean the house and shower by myself and just otherwise revel in silence. We really missed them.IMG_4227

*Nothing makes Grace happier than terrorizing the ducks.*

Joe’s still rockin’ ballet. His nugget of wisdom from this week: “We learned this week about dancing fast, medium, and slow.  Do you know what medium means?” (Me: “Not too fast and not too slow?”) “No.  It’s means moderate.” Ok, then.

I’ve been trying to slowly but surely get back into writing regularly, here and elsewhere.  This past week, I wrote about why I sometimes let my kids fight over at Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner.  You can head over to check it out, and while you’re there, read some of the other fantastic resources posted there; the whole site is put together by a truly fantastic group of women, I promise it’ll be worth your time if you’re looking for parenting resources.

So I’m in the market for some super comfy, reasonably stylish (or not, I guess I actually don’t care anymore), and well-made sneakers to slip on and off this summer.  Someone give me some good suggestions, or else I will be forced to buy these amazing leopard-pineapple print Keds.  Actually, I think I might just have to do that no matter what.  But I’d still love some suggestions.  What are your go-to slip on sneakers? Are the kids still calling them sneakers these days? I’m feeling every day of my almost-30 years as I write that.

Oh!  Our local farmers’ market started up again and we headed over last Saturday and I was in my element.  Sunshine, fresh(!), local(!) food, sunshine, and happy families all around.  Good times.  If you don’t know if there is a farmers’ market by you, you can use this really cool market finder on LocalHarvest to get the scoop.  Happy shopping (and eating!)IMG_4293

That’s all I got for ya today, peeps.  Hope you have a great week!

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  1. I say totally go with the cute keds! and I too love farmers markets (guessing by the crowded parking lots, who doesnt?!)!! So glad that the season of everything warm and wonderful is back upon us! Nice to find your blog (via Kelly and 7 QT!)

    1. LOL, Amy, I think I need the Keds, that settles it. Thanks for being my enabler for the day. 😉

  2. I just read the article you posted on why you let your kids fight. I think it is wonderful to give your children the opportunity to forgive and/or be forgiven. Beautiful post!

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