what’s happening over here.

daffodilsHi all!  What’s been up with you lately?  While we’ve spent a substantial chunk of time griping about the crummy, non-springy weather, we’ve actually really been enjoying the past month, especially when it’s not snowing.  I really wish I was kidding.  So here’s what’s been up with us.

  • My youngest is officially potty-trained, so I get to spend the next 4 1/2 months blissfully diaper-free.  I was a little nervous that maybe she was a little young at 21 months, but she was a total potty-training champ and was done in like 3 days.  That characteristic Grace tenacity paid off in at least one area.
  • As the days get longer and (incrementally) warmer, I’m dreaming about what I’ll plant this year.  I promised Joey we’d plant an apple tree, so that’ll be fun.  My little corner garden in the backyard didn’t get quite enough sun for tomatoes and peppers last year, so I’m thinking I’ll do a few patio pots for those and leave the beds for all kinds of greens and some carrots and radishes.  The kids got such a kick out of pulling out the radishes last year!  The elderberry bushes and a few new currant bushes that I planted last fall are looking great, so my dream of a complete edible landscape is coming to fruition! (PUNS!)
  • I pulled an all-out crazy homeschooling mom move and agreed to starting “reading lessons” with Joey, who just turned 4.  I had thought we’d wait until much later, but he was showing so much interest and practically begging me to teach him to read, so how can I say no to that?  We’ve been using this book, spending about 15 minutes each afternoon, and he is really loving it.  I’m actually surprised myself as to how much I’m enjoying spending the time with him on it, and also seeing how proud of himself he is as he’s building on his successes.  It’s definitely giving me a small taste of one of the joys of homeschooling; there is nothing cooler than watching your child challenge themselves and learn something new. Very cool!


  • One of my best friends just moved back to the area after several years of living far away.  I’m basically over-the-moon giddy and I basically talk about it like a teenager would talk about having a new boyfriend.  It’s basically the same feeling, guys.  There is something that can’t be underestimated about friends that just get you, amiright?
  • I’ve recently made the jump into sourdough bread baking and I’m a little obsessed.  Like four-loves-in-my-freezer-and-two-more-on-the-counter obsessed.  I love how it feels a bit like an art and a bit like a science, but also a bit like something that even a complete moron can handle. Because, let’s be honest, I’m a very distractible person these days.


  • I’m currently 21 weeks with Baby #3!  I can’t believe I’m halfway through this pregnancy; it’s really flown by.  We’re not going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl and I’m loving the suspense and anticipation of the surprise.  Joey keeps saying it’s a girl, and they say kids have an intuition about these things, so we’ll see.

That’s it for now.  We spent all morning at the park with friends in the the crisp sunshine and the kiddos are taking honest-to-goodness tuckered out naps, so I think I might join them before they wake up and we start all over again. Hope spring is happening where you are, friends!

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