Thanks for hanging in there.

Just a quick note to say… thanks for hanging in there with me while I navigate this new blog set-up.

When I stopped food blogging, or decided to take a break, or whatever it is I’m doing with it, I knew I still wanted a space to get my thoughts out, even if they’re headed out into the unread void.  But I’m realizing now that the freedom I have from the ole’ anecdote +recipe = blog post formula, while freeing, is also kind of overwhelming.  I find myself often thinking, “Someone should write about that,” but with no personal desire for that person to be me.  Or writing things, but being fairly certain that no one needs to hear about them.  Really, do you want to hear about what we did this past week? (I’m really asking!  Is that something like to read blogs about? Help me!)

Anyway, my goal is to be slightly more structured in my posts, or at least the frequency with which I post, and to create a rhythm for myself.  Historically, I’m not the best at this, so give me a gentle nudge, bordering on a swift kick in the pants, every once in a while, ok?

Oh, and in case you’re curious about why I’m taking a “break” from food blogging (which I’ve actually thought about writing a post on), this picture basically sums it up:


4 thoughts on “Thanks for hanging in there.

    1. Thanks, Alyson! I guess I always feel like our days are not so exciting, but I guess there’s some encouragement for others, even in our boring-ness!

  1. Good luck! Finding rhythm in blogging is so tricky – I feel like I used to be able to write about “real” stuff once in a while, but these days it’s all just very stream-of-consciousness “mom blog” stuff!

    1. Yes! I had a good schedule when I was food-blogging- but it was also so straight forward and I always had the same kind of posts. When you’re writing about more personal stuff (with increasingly less time, as I’m sure you can appreciate!) it gets a bit tricky. Thanks so much for the encouragement and feedback, it’s very much appreciated!

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