7 quick things to do to turn around a grumpy morning

DSC_0186I consider myself a morning person.  I’d rather wake up early than stay up late. Given enough coffee, I could easily be bright eyed and busy tailed by 6:30.

Most days.  But some days… are just rough right from the beginning.  Either I, or one of the kids, or all of us, wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it snowballs from there.  I can usually tell within a few minutes of waking up if it’s going to be one of those days.  And we all know, once you start on that trajectory, it can be a disaster of one thing after another.  So I’ve developed a few “tricks” for getting the grumps out of our house when we’re on the verge of meltdowns all around.  Try a few, try em all, watch your day get better. (Or not. Some days just are rough. That’s why there’s wine.)

  1. Open the window blinds!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been feeling gloomy and realized that I hadn’t opened the windows yet!  A little bit of natural light, even on a cloudy day, does wonders for your mood.
  2. Turn on some music.  Breakfast used to be particularly challenging for us, and I kept finding myself frustrated and on the brink of losing it before 7 am.  One day, I turned on some light, fun music and it was an instant game changer.  The kids sing, hum, and dance along, and it does wonders for me, too.  The key is finding something you all like.  I love my Elizabeth Mitchell pandora station for non-annoying kids favorites. We also all really love Reggae and it puts us in a great mood.  Go figure.
  3. Diffuse some essential oils.  Something bright and citrusy, like lemon, sweet orange, or bergamot are particularly happy-making.  But pick what you like and roll with it.
  4. Get outside.  There are days that I’ve had to force my children on a walk with me.  They kicked, screamed, acted like they would melt in a lake of lava if they were forced to step foot our of doors.  And then, well shocker, after some exercise and fresh air, we all come back much happier.  Even if the weather isn’t great, it’s worth it to get outside, if only so everyone isn’t on top of each other.
  5. Drink a glass of water. Or 8.  Dehydration is real, people, and it’s a real downer.  So often when I’m feeling jittery or just worn out, I later realize I wasn’t drinking enough water.  True story.
  6. Keep it simple.  Sometimes, I have the temptation when we start off not so great to really “redeem” the day with some kind of fun outing or Crafty McCrafterson art project.  Sometimes it works and everyone is happy.  Most of the time it doesn’t and we crash and burn in the middle of Chipotle. Lesson learned: when everyone’s out of sorts, stick to what you know if going to soothe frayed nerves and keep everyone off each other’s backs… whatever that looks like for you.  For us, it’s reading books, nature walks, and yes, sometimes, many many episodes of Super Why.
  7. Pray.  When all else fails, say a prayer, either together or on your own, for peace and home in your family and the grace to deal with a grumpy outlook.  Sometimes my prayer sounds like this: “God, give me the grace to guide my children with patience and kindness and teach them, though my example, about your holy love.”  And sometimes, my prayer sounds like this, “Dear God, please please please just keep everyone alive until Kevin gets home. Amen.”

What do you do to beat the grumps?DSC_0187

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6 thoughts on “7 quick things to do to turn around a grumpy morning

  1. Oh my goodness. Light is a huge one for me. We just replaced our kitchen light bulbs with much better, brighter, prettier ones and it made a HUGE difference. Because with 5 kids I feel like I’m in there all the time either making someone something to eat or cleaning it up!

    1. Yes! Sometimes you don’t realize you’re sitting in a dim room until someone comes along and turns all the lights on! LOL. And yes, we LIVE in the kitchen, too!

  2. Yes to all of these. For me it helps to light a candle. Or do something completely ridiculous. Like try to put on the three year olds shirt, or serve breakfast on glass plates, or something totally out of the ordinary to just break up the yucky mood. And most of the times it works. And the other times, well, prayer is always good.

    1. Yes! Love candles! And silliness or something special can really turn around a day, can’t it?!

  3. I feel like you are my twin and I finally found you. (That sounds creepy…but…)… all of those things have helped us on grumpy days too. Also, your blog is beautiful. I love the simplicity. 🙂

    (Found you late via 7QT…thanks for posting!)

    1. LOL, Heidi, not creepy! I love finding kindred spirits in the blog world! Thanks for the kind words about the blog… admittedly, the simplicity is because my blog design sense and abilities are lacking, so keeping a minimalist thing going is a must! 😉

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