not-so-random acts of kindness

As the mother of three small children, I often find myself mindlessly shrieking, “Be KIND to each other, PLEASE!” So much so that when I ask one of my kids to spend some time in their rooms to calm down and collect themselves (Ok, you caught me, it’s a time out), they often come down saying, “Ok, Mom, I’m ready to be kind now.” Kindness is one of our core family values; it’s something that we strive for and urge our kids towards, even when it’s hard.

But as my kids get older and begin to question why kindness is important, I find myself faced with a lot of my own questions- namely, what has kindness come to mean in our culture, and what does that mean for truly lasting and loving kindness?  Continue reading

24 hours in a day.

Is motherhood harder than it used to be? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But there is something about modern womanhood, and specifically motherhood, that is driving us all to breakdowns and tearful messes over things like burned roast and Pinterest activities that didn’t turn out quite right.

For so long, motherhood was not just part of a woman’s life when she had children- caring for her home and family became her WHOLE life. Of course there always have been exceptions, but overall, that was all that was expected of a woman after she married. Now, don’t get me wrong, I doubt very much that any of us would want to return to the days when options for women were so incredibly limited. We’re lucky to live in a moment in time when we can be mothers AND career women.  Mothers AND writers. Mothers AND {insert your particular passion here}. Continue reading

joy in the discovering.

Every time I get on my computer, I’m bombarded with all those “Things I Wish I Had Known” articles. Sometimes I find myself nodding. Sometimes I laugh. I can’t help but wonder…What do I wish I had known? What could I have known?

The more and more life I do, the more I come to the conclusion that there’s really nothing worth knowing that you can know before you’re ready to know it. Continue reading

nature walk bags

We’re pretty lucky to live in an area surrounded by lots of open space and well-maintained trails, so the kids and I take a lot of walks and do a lot of exploring. When I was researching homeschooling methods, one of the things that initially drew me to Charlotte Mason’s approach was the emphasis on outdoor time for kids and the practice of nature journaling.  Even though my kids are still little and we haven’t started formal schooling yet, we’ve started working on developing habits so that they’ll be well-prepared when we do start.  One of the things we’ve really enjoyed is being mindful of noticing things while we explore, and sometimes attempting to chronicle them in our “journals” or with some kind of art project. (God help us.) Continue reading

a little update… shall we?

So, turns out that I should have given up blogging for Lent, because guys?  I’m KILLIN’ that. Whoops.  I wish I could say we’ve just been super busy, but in reality, it’s just all the regular old life stuff that’s kept me distracted and not clacking away at my keyboard these days.  I know you’ve been positively aching to know what’s happening over here, so I’ll put you guys out of your misery immediately.  Here’s some updates. Continue reading

the myth of balance

I’ve found myself thinking about balance a lot lately.  What it is, how to achieve it, and why I should want to achieve it.  Among women, and mothers in particular, balance is a sort of holy grail.  Just read any interview of any successful woman, basically ever, and you’ll see the following question, “How do you do it all? How do you achieve (dun dun dun…) balance?” Normally, the answer will be some kind of vague murmuring about making the time for things that are important to you and letting go of the rest (as if laundry can be let go forever), or maybe something about self-care (which usually means going to get a pedicure once a month or something). But there’s a big problem, for me, when it comes to balance. Namely, that’s it unachievable.

Continue reading

enjoy every moment.

If you’re a woman with a few kids in a certain age range, you know that you can’t go anywhere in public (but specifically grocery stores, Target, or a library), without someone coming up to you and saying, “Enjoy every moment. It goes by too fast.” Depending on your mood, you may or may not want to throw some choice words their way, hand them your neediest child, and book it to the nearest Starbucks.  Personally, I always try to be gracious to people who say this, because I know it’s true- these years with my children are precious, and I know that’s what they’re getting at. Continue reading